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Example2.com is a growing database of free educational articles and how-tos. We publish quality articles in English on a variety of trending topics. You will find free tutorials and how-tos, casually explained, simple and interesting articles to read when bored, as well as professionally written specific examples. From marketing articles to psychology, personal finance, and leadership articles – any complex or confusing stuff is explained in an easy to understand manner – you will normally spend no more than five minutes to understand how it works. We see high demand for free educational articles, tutorials, how-tos, and guidelines, as many quality materials are not available to a broad audience or not beginner-friendly. Whether you are a student, young person, or a mature adult, you can find many interesting articles to read when bored, as well as answers to challenging questions. This open online library is absolutely free. Please help us by submitting your articles or sharing the existing materials with other people.

Is it a Wikipedia alternative?

We all love Wikipedia, which helps us to understand any words and expressions. Example2.com is sometimes a Wikipedia alternative, but more often an extension to it. We submit free educational articles in the form of tutorials, examples, guidelines, and how-tos that explain the practical side of the things you are interested in. At this time, we submit articles in English language only, but we have plans to extend. Our materials help to connect the terms that are well explained in Wikipedia. For example, some marketing articles will explain how it works on practice in a company instead of just introducing the definition. When you read our finance or leadership articles, you learn some tips and tricks to know how to get ready for important financial decisions about your property, savings, or investing. In summary, we aim to be more than just a simple Wikipedia alternative: you will get interesting articles to read and understand the background of your important life decisions, in-depth enough to avoid costly mistakes.

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