How to buy Meebits? Everything you need to know about Meebits for dummies

You have probably heard about Meebits – the hottest new NFT, which became available on the 4th of May 2021. It has had the fastest start of all NFTs, having sold thousands of virtual items and reaching around 100 000 000 dollars in sales on the first day of availability. With such results, it has a good chance of becoming the best NFT of all time.

What are the Meebits?

It is a great new example of NFTs – virtual items with proof of ownership registered in a global network of computer servers. Meebits are 3D characters, which were automatically generated by a special algorithm and then released to the marketplace. A very limited quantity was generated, and the hype around these items have been very high (not only because they are just cool, but also because the developer of these items made the “Punks” – the most famous NFT before the Meebits launch  – so everybody was waiting for the next big thing from that successful team of developers).

how to buy Meebits

Why do you buy Meebits?

Everybody has their own reason to buy Meebits. These, of course, can be used as an avatar anywhere online, put into your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social profile. If you own a Meebit, you can access its 3D model, which can be imported into 3D modeling software (you can animate your Meebit to make any moves you want). As Meebits are pretty expensive, owning a Meebit provides you with some status. Some people want to resell Meebits for a higher price, as many of these 3D models have already got their owners more than a million dollars in profits in just 24 hours. If you want to be the next guy buying a Meebit for a few thousand and selling it for over a million, you may want to try this new hot NFT. But remember that these 3D characters are so hot that you need at least a thousand dollars to buy a Meebit. Growing in price each day.

How to buy Meebits?

  1. If you are totally new to this industry, first get some ether from the world’s largest exchange (bank cards and transfers are accepted). There you can exchange between any popular virtual currencies. You can use another exchange platform, but make sure you do not overpay, as smaller exchanges can’t offer such good rates for ether.
  2. Install a Metamask extension on your web browser. Create your password, write down 12 secret words, and copy-paste your ether wallet address for your records.
  3. Transfer some ether from the place you bought it to your Metamask wallet address.
  4. Go to the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea, then login with your Metamask wallet and choose your best Meebit from the list. Check out its price and get surprised 😊
  5. Purchase a Meebit of your choice using some standard and well-understood virtual marketplace features. Follow the instructions given to you by the marketplace. That’s it! Now use your Meebit or just resell it later.